Elizabeth David’s chicken salad

The only thing better than roast chicken may be the cold chicken left over the next day. I usually eat it in sandwiches of toasted white bread with lettuce, salt, pepper, and a slathering of the jellied juices.

But since the weather has been so stinking lately I decided to take Elizabeth David’s suggestion from Is There A Nutmeg In The House? and make chicken salad. Not the usual mayonnaisey thing (though I love that too), but a Provençal inflected thing. The sauce consists of two shallots, chopped, with a handful of flat-leaf parsley, whatever appropriate herbs you have lying around (I used tarragon), salt, pepper, two teaspoons of dijon mustard (I used Maille) and six tablespoons of olive oil. Beat in the sliced chicken pieces. Garnish with hard-boiled egg… as well as cold shrimp, pickles, capers, cucumbers, or whatever else is in the fridge. I served it with the very un-Provençal Levy’s Jewish Rye, as well as a big bowl of steamed asparagus.

(I made the hard-boiled eggs using Julia Child’s recipe, very involved – the boil, the 17-minute coddle, the 2-minute chill, the 10-second reboil, the 15-20 minute chill etc. Much concern with not darkening the yolks.)

This is a great summer meal. I washed it down with a rosé from the Touraine.