There’s Only One Blockbuster I Wanna See This Summer

…and it’s not “The Dark Knight”, “Hancock” or even “Space Chimps”.  Instead, much like the rest of you, I’m breathlessly awaiting the release of Chain Gang‘s long-awaited “Mondo Manhattan”. There’s every chance I’ll be writing these same words 12 months from now, but there’s worse things than watching this trailer, or basking in Ricky Luanda’s spirited narration.

4 thoughts on “There’s Only One Blockbuster I Wanna See This Summer”

  1. No can wait! Last time I got involved with a Chain Gang event, I ended up tussling with bikers at the Laight St club!

  2. I don’t mean this in a “gotcha” kind of way but, in fact, “Mondo Manhattan” had its World Premiere last December. I swear I’m not making this up. As with most things Chain Gang there are, how you say, “complications” but I and a couple dozen others were there. It’s not much, but someone put a couple clips up–

    If Matador ever wanted to get back in the dvd racket… PLEASE DO!! It exists and much more than less really is DONE.

  3. P.G.

    I stand corrected! Either our invites got lost in the post…or we just weren’t opening the mail again. Either way, this is certainly more exciting than the Chinese Democrazy leak and perhaps running neck and neck with the forthcoming Prisonshake album….

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