Jaguar Love : Weisbaden’s All It’s Cracked Up To Be

(pic taken from Ledleef‘s Flickr stream)

Cody posted the following at  Jaguar Love‘s MySpace page earlier today :

Wed. June 18th 2008

Jaguar Love European Tour

2:06 PM

We are just over a week into our European tour. Things are going well so far I’d say. It’s about 2 in the afternoon. We are in Koln, Germany today and the sun is burning good and hot. We all woke up a little dazed and sweaty this morning, but I have to admit its a nice change from the throes of the seemingly constant Northwest drizzle in our home of Portland. Spirits are high. Zane, J and Craig are all off to the music store to pick up some supplies, Johnny and Amy are stomping around the city somewhere, Jessie is in the shower and I’m sitting backstage at Luxor on a black leather love seat writing this. We’ve been playing a bunch of festivals so far on this trip (which I love), but last night we played our own headlining show. It felt great to be inside a club. It was in Weisbaden, Germany. Weisbaden is a pretty great city. Apparently after World War Two the US decided to stay there for a while and it kept it from getting bombed, so the city is well preserved. Like any European city there is a square with commercial shopping and the like but on the outskirts its pretty rad. Really beautiful homes and buildings. The club we played is called Schlachthof. It’s a collective run by 16 people and really amazing. After the show was pretty chill. I think some of us are still trying to shake off the jet lag blues. Give it a few more days…