Matador Heads To The Arctic Circle

Not every day do you get offered the opportunity to head to the North Pole, but last week I did just that. I’m not one for holiday-blogging but I figured this might rival Patrick’s culinary exploits.

Last week I was lucky enough to head to the most northerly inhabited place on the planet – Longyearbyen in Svalbard, North of Norway. This tiny ‘town’ inhabits only 2000 people, with probably more polar bears and reindeer than there are humans. It took no less than three flights to get there, landing in between mountains on an incredibly small runway.

The reason I was there is somewhat ridiculous, but it involved a competition run by a tortilla crisp company. Your every day polar-sponsoring company. My friend won the competition and as part of the prize, he walked into the Guinness Book of Records as the First Advert in Space. You’d probably think that they’d send something slightly more meaningful into space in an attempt to reach out to possible life forms, but no, advertising crisps to the largest audience possible was what went first.

So we headed to a space station on top of a mountain and sent the message of Chilli Heatwave and Tangy Cheese to Ursa Major.

Truly the most beautiful place i’ve ever been. Rook got an airing at about 3am as we tried to cope with the 24hr sunlight streaming through the window. If you ever get the opportunity to head to the arctic circle courtesy of a tasty snack, I wholeheartedly endorse it.