Fucked Up ‘Year Of The Pig’ EP to come out on Matador and What’s Your Rupture? in July

Matador and What’s Your Rupture? are pleased to announce a joint release: the Year Of The Pig EP from Toronto’s Fucked Up.

Out worldwide on July 22, the EP is an expanded version of the 12″ single released by WYR? in mid-2007 (and by Vice in the UK in early 2008). In addition to the original 18-minute title track and the flipside, “The Black Hats,” there are three edits of the title track and three unreleased tracks. Each edit and each unreleased track will be featured on one of three 7″ singles, each with a different sleeve, to be released in the US, the UK, and Japan respectively.

“Year Of The Pig” is the second in a series of songs based on the Chinese zodiac. It is about the plight of sex workers in Canada. The initial release, and a companion concert, generated $4,000 for a prostitution rights charity in Toronto. Read more about the issues, and the notorious Robert Pickton case, at this blog post by the band. Featuring keyboards, an ethereal female guest vocal and multiple, interlocking musical sections, it is Fucked Up’s most ambitious work to date.

Here is a 256K MP3 of the US edit:

Year Of The Pig (US 7″ edit)” (256K MP3)

Track listings:

12″: Year Of The Pig / The Black Hats
7″ (US): Year Of The Pig (US Edit) / Mustaa Lunta (new track)
7″ (UK): Year Of The Pig (US Edit) / Anorak City (new track — Another Sunny Day cover)
7″ (Japan): Year Of The Pig (Japanese Edit) / For My Friends (new track)
CDEP: All of the above

Fucked Up will be playing three shows in Calgary later this month, and will tour Europe throughout July and August.

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    but this bit of news just topped that, sorry.

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