Mission Of Burma — The Definitive Editions Tour

Hear Mission Of Burma play songs they haven’t played since reuniting, as they perform ‘Signals, Calls & Marches’ and ‘Vs.’ all the way through on the Definitive Editions Tour.

If you haven’t figured out how great these reissues are yet, read some reviews. Or better yet, listen to another remastered song, in 256K MP3 or high-quality WAV (your browser probably won’t play the WAV file, so right click / control click to download it to your hard drive — the sound quality is markedly superior to any MP3):

This Is Not A Photograph” (256K MP3)
This Is Not A Photograph” (WAV)

From ‘Signals, Calls & Marches: The Definitive Edition’: buy on CD+DVD, dbl LP+DVD, MP3 album or FLAC album.

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