Record Store Day: extended version. Part One: Reckless Records

Hi Matablog Readers!

I started a tour today supporting Jamie Lidell and I’m in Chicago at the Abbey Pub awaiting soundcheck. Because I enjoyed participating in Record Store Day so much earlier this year, I’ve decided to visit local record stores in some of the cities we are playing and find out the answers to some important questions. This is my way of continuing to celebrate all the awesome record stores throughout the country. 

Today, we went to Reckless Records in Wicker Park and talked with Dan.

Dan and I

JO’C: How long have you worked at Reckless?

Dan: About 4 years.

JO’C: What did you have for lunch?

Dan: A chicken flatbread sandwich from 7-11.

JO’C: Do you have favorite restaurant in the area?

Dan: I’m not really a foodie, but I like this Middle Eastern place down the street called Sultan’s Market.

JO’C: Do you have a favorite record of all-time and if so, what is it?

Dan: Hmmmm……

JO’C: Am I putting you on the spot? We can come back to this one.

Dan: Ok, let’s come back to it.

JO’C: What record are you guys selling a lot of this week?

Dan: The new Portishead.

JO’C: Any thoughts on your fave record yet?

Dan: I’ll say Daydream Nation, but if you ask me tomorrow, it might be something else.

JO’C: Fair enough. Anything you’d like to add, that you’d like the Matablog readers to know?

Dan: I don’t think so.

JO’C: Ok. Thanks for talking to me. I think those are all the hard-hitting questions I have.

Ok! Tomorrow is Toronto and if we have time….we’ll be hitting up a store there too.

JO’C, record-store-reporter, signing off.


4 thoughts on “Record Store Day: extended version. Part One: Reckless Records”

  1. i think its great that this guy eats lunch at 7-11 and then goes on to clarify that he is, in fact, not a foodie.

    that said, reckless is a killer shop and their web shop is a frequently updated goldmine.

  2. “reckless is a killer shop and their web shop is a frequently updated goldmine”

    No shit– they had a Death of Samantha record that I wanted, listed for only a couple of bucks, but by the time I hit the “buy” button someone had already snagged it.

    That’s what I was told, anyway– unless they just reconsidered, and sold it later at a higher price.

    What’s with “Daydream Nation”, anyway? I mean, I guess I like it a bit better now than I used to, but is it really all that good? (Compared to “Tied Down” or “Spiderland”, which would be two of my choices)

  3. since the reckless online shop is directly tied to their store inventory, i guess that it’s never guaranteed that you’ll get what you want because someone could buy it from the store before the store has a chance to process your web order and pull the record from the floor..

    daydream nation is a classic. this year it hit the 20 year mark and it doesn’t feel dated or irrelevant.

    you’d choose the Tied Down LP over the s/t 7″? really?

    to quote john brannan, “conditions are getting worse…” but still not bad enough that i would eat a sandwich from 7-11

  4. The Negative Approach 7″ is one of the top two or three hardcore EPs of all time, but I figured we were talking mainly albums here. But, yeah, if I was picking an NA record to listen to right now, I’d reach for “Tied Down” first.

    “Bad Moon Rising” will always be the Sonic Youth album that I like the most; I didn’t care as much after the move to SST, and then “Daydream Nation” especially sounded very watered down compared to their earlier stuff.

    To put it another way, I guess “Daydream Nation” is for Sonic Youth what “Tim” was for the Replacements.

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