Farfalle with peas and mint

While in England I picked up a copy of Ruth Rogers’ book on pasta. Rogers is the wife of Richard Rogers, the architect of the Pompidou Center and the Lloyds of London building, and she owns the River Cafe in Fulham (not to be confused with the restaurant of the same name in New York). It’s one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve eaten at, and I especially loved the pasta there.

This spring dish combines fresh peas, mint and prosciutto. Unfortunately Rogers’ book, while gorgeously illustrated, is poorly copy-edited. The recipe casually instructs you to use half the butter in the opening saute, but then never says what to do with the rest of the butter. The hard to follow text then somehow convinced me that I needed to put half the peas, raw, into a food processor with half the prosciutto. In reality I was supposed to use half the cooked peas with a third of the prosciutto. I ended up cooking the processed peas and ham in a separate pan and combining them, but really, if any books need good copy editors it’s cookbooks.

The result was still excellent, the mint’s slight bitterness nicely offsetting the salt of the prosciutto and the Reggiano. I have since cooked another recipe and will be blogging that one shortly.

One thought on “Farfalle with peas and mint”

  1. perhaps an amarone? or a creamer white. maybe grechetto if you want to stay in italy. a burgundy blanc if you’re willing to border hop.

    regardless, damn, that looks good.

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