Jeff Jensen Has A Secret Admirer

We knew it would be just a matter of time before the co-creator of this generation’s most important comedy album began receiving salacious advances. We just didn’t know it would be his other gig that would serve as the aphrodisiac.

On a separate tip, here’s Aquarius Records’ assessment of ‘Just Farr A Laugh, Vol.’s I & II’

For this review, we recruited AQ pal Cliff Hengst, artist and co-editor of “Good Times: Bad Trips”:
I love me some good prank phone calls. A great prank call can be the most devastatingly funny thing ever – it’s just you and the caller, and of course, the poor sap at the other end (who never seems to get the clue to just hang up). Of the many prank-call cds we’ve listened to, this one stands out as among the most brilliant and repeatedly played. It’s perfect for those long road trips to stave off the urges to cause injury to your traveling companions. Reissued as a double cd with 25 extra pranks (the original, released in 2002 was fine enough), it’s packed with some of the most memorable and pathetic characters you’ve ever heard. The middle-aged and recently divorced Barbara, who loves the “stanky blues” of Bonnie Raitt, trying to join a band to spite her ex-husband; Barbara’s ex-husband in turn calling the same poor dude warning him about his ex-wife and her “buffet of psycho-tropic drugs”; Bedroom ETA , a “quiet storm” band that involves a hilariously sung Jermaine Stewart song; and of course, Bleachy, a fat black sad-sack who harangues army recruiting offices, worker’s comp centers and fast food chains with his miserably petty requests and complaints – so awesome! It’s really no use reading a review of something like this; you miss the timing, the phrasing, all those embarrassing awkward pauses, and out of left-field cultural references. So listen to the clips. An original and hilarious collection that you will listen to again and again and will make you “shit your pants”. Comes with a prank-by-prank analysis booklet by Andrew Earles and Jeffrey
Jensen. Shattering.