Jay Reatard and Times New Viking Ruin The UK

So we hit the ground running in London with Jay at the Old Blue Last and Times New Viking at Proud Galleries, before heading south at the weekend and back to the homeland of Camber Sands, ATP.

Jay, Billy and Stephen opened the festival with an intense 24 minute set. Billy made a new friend.

Times New Viking’s dedications and shout outs brought a tear to the eye of every grown man in the room. English accents are being perfected this week by experiencing everything quintessentially English.

Full respect to Matt Psychedelic Horseshit (centre) who apart from working the sound magic on TNV, was smoking weed hard-core everyday with the Meat Puppets.

Our fresh faced troopers continue their take-over plan tonight at Bardens Boudoir in North London, and again tomorrow at the Old Blue Last as part of the Stag&Dagger festival. If you see this man on the street over the next few days, please give him a helping hand.