Just Farr A Laugh Memphis Bash

Awesome news for Memphis residents interested in comedy, music journalism, prank phone calls or trying to purchase records while a “party” is taking place.  Andrew Earles (above), one half of the Earles/Jensen comedy duo responsible for the new ‘Just Farr A Laugh, Vol. I & II’ double CD, will be greeting the public tomorrow (Saturday) at Goner Records at 5:30pm.  The establishment boldly promises “Big Bufords for everyone”,  but you might want to arrive early in case they run out of napkins.

4 thoughts on “Just Farr A Laugh Memphis Bash”

  1. Andy, you rocked it, took it home, bagged it, and sent it out tha door last night. Great job! I am very proud of you.

  2. yes, we did have Big Bufords left over after the event! Just as predicted, the greatest, funniest moment came as Andy was mid-powerpoint presentation… out from behind the screen comes a bewildered classic rock shopper, arms full of lps.

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