Hidden Camera Footage From Camber Sands

I’d mentioned earlier that we were hoping to get some reports from Patrick and Natalie about how things are progressing for Jay Reatard and Times New Viking on their first dates in the UK.  Of course, I made this comment without remembering just how difficult it was to obtain an internet connection at Pontin’s Holiday Camp, site of this weekend’s All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival.

That said, while we might have to wait another day or two for their field reports, I’m pleased to announce a mole deep within Barry Hogan’s organization has leaked the following video from Day One.


For the record, I personally believe No Age have other songs besides a cover of “I Shot The Sheriff”, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

One thought on “Hidden Camera Footage From Camber Sands”

  1. Just want to say, as someone who still has misty happy memories of the original Bowlie Weekender, that if you get the chance to go to Camber Sands for ATP, jump at it. The chalets are great, the atmosphere is great, the PA for the bands is fantastic, and you will have memories that last — like mine — for years to come. Just pack some earplugs.

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