Tommorow Is National Earles & Jensen Day

After innumerable delays and despite the best efforts of Peter Giftopolous, ESQ., tomorrow, May 6, Matador will finally unleash the most important comedy recording since Jesus Jones’ ‘Perverse’.

Earles & Jensen’s ‘Just Farr A Laugh, Vol.’s I & II’ will be available in all it’s lavishly packaged glory.  You’re gonna remember what you were doing tomorrow many years from now and hopefully that memory will involve spending some money on the funniest double CD of the modern age.  The Man Cannot Bust Our Music Spoken Word.

(Jeff Jensen, profiled in the Lawrence News)

2 thoughts on “Tommorow Is National Earles & Jensen Day”

  1. This will undoubtedly replace R.E.M.’s Monster as the most cut-out-binned release of all-time!

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