Do They Know It’s Record Store Day?

On my trip up to SUNY Purchase this weekend to see Fucked Up I stopped off in Port Chester, the last town in New York on the Long Island Sound before you hit the Connecticut border. To my and Dean’s surprise, the town is totally Latin American now… almost all the businesses were Peruvian, Ecuadorean, Colombian or Mexican. Pupuserias, grosserias, a “meateria” and lots of long-distance phone card places. We had a nice Peruvian meal – half pollo a la brasa, that spicy green sauce, some potatoes in a thick yellow sauce with half hard-boiled eggs, sopa de pescado, and Mexican coke (made with sugar instead of corn syrup).

Of course it was Record Store Day and we wished we could have visited Vinyl Solution but it went out of business a long time ago, so instead we checked out 2 bootleg CDR/DVD shops with tons of chicha and cumbia CDRs. We tried to explain to the owners that it was Record Store Day but our Spanish wasn’t good enough, and that made me think that someone should record a song called “Do They Know It’s Record Store Day?” and we will give a special Matador prize to the best version. Submit MP3s to [email protected], please. (Only of that song.)

The cultural contrast between Port Chester and Purchase (and especially the town in between, Harrison) was extreme, even more Greenwich to the north of it. I need to get out to the suburbs more – they’re getting weirder.

One thought on “Do They Know It’s Record Store Day?”

  1. the Mexican & other “Latino” (a controversial term I’ll use for now) takeover of much of the U.S. is one of the very few good things to happen in the last 10-15 years. you can see that exact same mix in a bunch of Jersey towns 15-45 minutes away, as well as Queens. (Brooklyn, by comparison, is very light on South American cuisine except Guyanese– which is fucking awesome, although like the country as a whole, it’s often considered West Indian.)

    did you pick up any cds? i usually try to get something in the ethnic joints– you can find some insane metal sometimes in the Spanish stores esp.

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