Random single from the collection #5

It’s especially nice that I grabbed this 1985 single on the day before Record Store Day, since Richmond’s Honor Role was helmed by the great Bob Schick, who runs the Plan 9 Records stores in Virginia. Be sure to visit one of them tomorrow.

This 7″ cooks and is a great example of the kind of complexity that hardcore developed into during the mid-’80s. Penn Rollings’ guitar playing is sui generis. Quiz question: what superhip current band’s vocalist sounds quite a bit like Bob?

7 thoughts on “Random single from the collection #5”

  1. Huh? No one sounds like Bob! What a record though, hands down on of the most important records of my life. I tried to mailorder it from No Core, but they were out of them and it became one of the first records I ever actively searched for. When I finally tracked a copy down it was probably even better than I hoped it would be. Such a great band.

  2. Mr. Schick fucking rules but let me add my voice to the chorus in praise of Pen Rollings’ wildly inventive guitar playing. Between Honor Role, Breadwinner and Butterglory, he’s more than earned his star on the sidewalk in front of the West Hollywood Guitar Center.

  3. Honor Role, 2 am– maybe 3– CBGBs summer ’88?? can’t recall if Happy Flowers closed or vice versa but it was pretty fucking late, even back then. Old heads may remember Pen as an early Superchunk roadie too.

  4. Penn’s sound was so unique to the hardcore scene. I was not allowed to stay out late enough to see Honor Role. But I did not miss Butterglove! Penn’s playing is timeless.

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