Coming April 19 (We Hope) – SM & The Jicks “Cold Son” 10″

OK, we’re trying to turn this around in time for Record Store Day, but the general plan is we’ll be releasing a new 10″ EP from Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks featuring the following selections :

“Cold Son” – album version
“Walk Into The Mirror” – RET outtake

“Pennywhistle Thunder” -RET outtake
“Carl The Clod” – ‘Face The Truth’ outtake

The 6 1/2 minute “Pennywhistle Thunder” has been described by one interested observer as “the best song from ‘Real Emotional Trash'”, albeit one that mysteriously didn’t make the final cut. Whether the author shares that assessment I cannot tell you for certain, but consider this —- would the Jicks seek to commemorate a major American Holiday like Record Store Day with anything but the finest in unreleased material? We think not.

3 thoughts on “Coming April 19 (We Hope) – SM & The Jicks “Cold Son” 10″”

  1. Did this actually get released on record store day or not because i went to three different places on the 19th and nobody had the 10″. I’d really like to get my hands on it, please give it a wider release!

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