Decision 2008 : Time’s Running Out For Hillary To Get The Good Rats Into The Studio

Leave it to a founding member of Twisted Sister to singlehandedly kill all the momentum gained by Obama’s speech earlier today.  From the AP’s Wayne Parry.

Jay Jay French wants to rock. He also wants Barack.So the Twisted Sister guitarist has rerecorded the heavy metal band’s anthem, “I Wanna Rock,” which has become “I Want Barack.”

French, a lifelong liberal Democrat whose mother campaigned for John F. Kennedy, said Barack Obama, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, has energized a new generation of voters who previously felt left out of politics.

“He has excited so many people,” said French, who founded Twisted Sister in 1973, in a telephone interview Tuesday. “He has given sincere hope to people who have been out of the arena for years.”

French plays guitar on the track, which features Paulie Z., singer for the band Z02, on vocals and lead guitar. They call the band Jay Jay French and Friends and stress this isn’t a Twisted Sister project because that band’s members are split on the presidential candidates.

The Obama camp had no immediate comment on the song.