A Quick SXSW 2008 Recap So Far

Greetings to the 1% of the american entertainment industry that isn’t in Austin this week. My apologies to those of who weren’t allowed to run away and join the circus, but look at the bright side : you get to watch the college basketball conference tournament games without anyone forcing a can of Monster Khaos energy tonic down your gullet.

While some of your weary & bleary friends from America’s 2nd or 3rd Most Beloved Rock Independent Label are getting close to nap-time, I’ll quickly summarize just a few of the highlights of SXSW so far :

1) Excellent sets from Yo La Tengo, Shearwater, Times New Viking and Jay Reatard
2) a Tommy Keene sighting on 6th st. (no gigs this week, sadly)
3) the ruination of one of my most beloved black tees courtesty of lots of curry ketchup and sauerkraut (what, you thought I’d be blogging about REM?)
4) The guy who asked me if the Matablog “was gonna be all about food from now on?” (see above)
5) the following murderers’ row of killer performances : Tyvek, The Marked Men, Fucked Up, Pink Reason, Home Blitz, Trixter, The Distant Seconds.

6) Fucked Up’s Father Damien (above), doing his best to stop any possible Tabitha Soren comeback.
7) Scott Templeton making his rock journalism debut under the pseudonym, “Jim DeRogatis”.

More news to follow. I’m told Patrick’s on a panel about vinyl siding tomorrow, and we’re planning on a 4-camera shoot of the event. Matador’s first Blu-Ray disc?  Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Wow– Jim DeRogatis still whines over shit that was said about him 24 years ago?!?

    I mean, I bet even someone like Mike McGonigal has gotten over it by now.

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