Sincere Advice For Austin’s Hungry Visitors

Many friends and foes alike are popping into Austin this week and out of the shear goodness of my aching heart, I’d like to pass along the following nutritional tip :

Though you have many wonderful options for breakfast, dinner or lunch in this fantastic city, if you’re a busy person, you’ll never have time for all of them.

(above, below  : The Democrat, Green Chili Pork)

To put this as simply as possible, if you’re gonna be in Austin for 4 days, that could well mean 12 visits to Torchy’s Tacos. You might think I’m exaggerating  about this establishment’s otherwordliness, but go to Torchy’s once you arrive and then try eating elsewhere. At that point you can lecture me about overrating.

And if that means you’re standing in a long line for an excellent taco while I’m watching these guys, well, it’s a win-win for both of us.

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