The Final Insult

Stonehenge is one of the earliest examples of man independently creating something to contribute to their culture. Some of the stones carved out by hand measured 8ft wide, 5ft thick and 25ft long weighing between 20/30 tones each and were transported 20 miles north of Stonehenge by foot. The remaining pieces came from Wales called Bluestones which weighed 4 tones each, sixty were carved out and carried approximately 150 miles to Wiltshire where they were erected, which is a testament to the limitless hard work that goes into something you care about. The landmark is something people have enjoyed mentally and physically exploring for centuries, and on a personal note is something I always looked forward to seeing on my bus ride to Glastonbury Festival every year! Now Stonehenge is being forced to take a back seat to the surplus population of supermarkets. This brilliantly written article I found in The Guardian goes into the matter far more, if you get a chance it’s worth a read! Thanks!,,2262215,00.html