The Crazed, Inexplicable Rush To Mock Cop Shoot Cop

As you might’ve read via Pitchfork or Idolator,  Michael Kaminski of Akron, OH was arrested last weekend for trying to hold up a video store with a cologne bottle shaped like a gun. Why might PF  give a hoot about the Akron police blotter?  Well, as it turns out, Kaminski is a former member of NYC avant combo Cop Shoot Cop.

Or so I’m told. When I saw the PF headline, “Ex-Cop Shoot Cop Dude Attempts Boneheaded Robbery“, I thought, “no, not sweet globe-trotting Tod A.  Please don’t let it be the dashing David Quimet.  If Jack Natz or Phil Puleo are facing jail time, where can I send the cake with the file inside?”

But it wasn’t any of those guys. It was Michael Kaminski, who by virtue of being a replacement guitarist during the group’s 7th and final year of existance (please note that Kaminski is featured on none of CSC’s commercially available recordings)  has given rock bloggers around the globe a chance to sneeringly drop a band name they might not otherwise bother with.

While I’m sure some of you would just as soon file this story under “who gives a fuck?”, the PF thing bugs me. If Willie Alexander got pinched for failing to pay his parking tickets, I doubt the Boston papers would run a headline claiming “VELVET UNDERGROUND ROCKER JAILED”.

Granted, there’s something irresistable about a dude from a band called Cop Shoot Cop being nabbed with a faux firearm. Except the guy in question was barely a member and the fellows responsible for CSC’s surviving works, have not, to my knowledge, been charged with any felonies in the past 7 days.

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