Wishlist for midtown Manhattan

1. Remove all sidewalk sheds. The aesthetic cost outweighs the alleged improvement in safety. The near-permanence of these fixtures (one per block at any given moment) is really due to fears of liability.

2. Restore conforming street signs in business-improvement districts.

3. Replace the ungainly green lamp posts in the Grand Central business-improvement district and replace them with cobras.

4. Remove all advertising and American flags from Grand Central Terminal. (The Beyer Blinder & Belle ‘restoration’ was much trumpeted for removing billboards – now there are more than ever. The old Kodak sign was much cooler.)

5. Make Vanderbilt Hall into a waiting area again – nobody wants to push through those stupid crafts fairs.

6. Remove concrete bollards around Grand Central on the viaduct; reopen Depew Place; reopen the taxi waiting area and remove the outdoor cafe.

7. Remove corporate and institutional banners festooning every block; forbid civic boosterism trumpeting NYC as ‘capital of the world’ or ‘the greatest city on earth’ – a great city doesn’t need to constantly remind people of its greatness.

8. Restore Amtrak service to Grand Central.

9. Reopen all secondary subway entrances and exits, as well as underground transfers between uptown and downtown trains.

10. Replace all compact fluourescent lamps in public places with incandescents.

3 thoughts on “Wishlist for midtown Manhattan”

  1. >>Replace all compact fluourescent lamps in public places with incandescents<<

    Yeah, saving energy is a bummer…

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