Mission Of Burma vinyl mastering video clip 1


Matador’s Jesper Eklow filmed the process of cutting the vinyl for the Mission Of Burma LPs at Sterling Sound from the original tapes. Featuring legendary mastering engineer George Marino, this is the first of several clips we’ll be releasing on the subject.

3 thoughts on “Mission Of Burma vinyl mastering video clip 1”

  1. Thank you for the insight with George Marino – analog mastering god. Treat to see a 2 track Studer mastering deck in use again – nice choice choice to going analog route to match the MOB ’80’s sound.

    While not a Burma junkie, I was the sound tech for the Bradford shows. Sure was an intense day into night, then on into the next morning for sound and light crew that night.

    Anybody remember the 1st opener and the stage riot that ensued when they wouldn’t leave the stage? The real thing — Mike

  2. Thanks Gerard. Now I can better retell the story of stage manager Bruce Amdur throwing the stage power breakers when NegFX refused to end their set after their allotted time.

    Of course, the fool took down our monitor system with it and this was in the day when you lose a lot speakers that way.

    But NegFX got the melee they were looking for: chairs, mic stands, backline gear, with Amdur and the lead singer going at it. The Bradford as Fight Club.

    Still, nothing compared to a Plasmatics gig…

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