Breaking Down The Fourth Wall With Negative FX


snazzy, albeit brief video footage (above), in honor of Dave Bass’ Distortions releasing ‘Government War Plans’. OK, maybe it came out a while ago, but I just found a copy the other day.

As far the clip above, I recognize Dave Smalley and Jamie Sciarappa in the chorus line. Who knows? Maybe you’re in there, too.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Down The Fourth Wall With Negative FX”

  1. i first saw this years ago on the Taang! TV Volume 1 VHS and it’s seemingly the only Negative FX live footage to ever exist. seeing as how they only played five shows, it doesn’t surprise me that live recordings are practically non-existent. either way, boston hardcore rules, ok?

  2. They really only played five shows? Man, I saw almost half of them then. The genius that comes pouring out of this footage is so palpable you can feel it in your hands.

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