The joy of suet


Just a quick plug for suet, which is the light, crumbly fat from around the kidney and liver. This piece came from O. Ottomanelli on Bleecker. It rendered easily and quickly and smelled delicious – I browned chuck for chili in it. Suet is not easy to find these days, at least in New York.

6 thoughts on “The joy of suet”

  1. Growing up, it was SOP to place a chunk of suet in the tin alongside the Sunday roast – this step seems to have fallen out of practice over time. Also the use of suetcrust pastry (grated and rubbed-in to the flour with other fat) would have more prevalent than shortcrust in the prep of savoury pies, but not so much now. It was always readily available (well here anyway) from local butchers who’d throw it in free of charge, but probably isn’t the case now with its decline in popularity.

  2. suet is a available everywhere in britain. steamed suet, bacon and onion puddings are one of the great joys of my life!

  3. Patrick, this isn’t any blanket dig against your or Matador’s neighborhoods but… suet is ** easy ** to come by in many parts of NYC– just not white bistro $$$ NYC. Come out to Flatbush or Canarise, or let’s visit Wakefield or Mott Haven in the Bronx– suet suet everywhere! Keep up the good work–

  4. True that Bozack… not convenient shopping grounds for me, but I do love visiting all of the above.

    I live in about the whitest, most boring (foodwise and culturally) section of Manhattan… Murray Hill.

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