Mission Of Burma: The Definitive Editions I, II and III — first MP3s and WAVs, track listing, and complete description

Mission Of Burma: The Definitive Editions I, II and III (of their Ace Of Hearts catalog, recorded between 1979 and 1983) come out on March 18. Fully remastered from the original analog tape by Rick Harte, Ace Of Hearts owner, and the producer of the original records, the results are absolutely stunning.

We hereby present 256K MP3s and uncompressed WAV files of two tracks. The first track is “Max Ernst,” the B-side to the “Academy Fight Song” 7″ (their 1980 debut), in drastically improved sound. This song is included on the ‘Signals, Calls & Marches’ dbl LP + DVD / CD + DVD.

The second track is an unreleased live recording of “Weatherbox,” which will be available live ‘Horrible Truth About Burma’ dbl LP + DVD / CD + DVD.

Max Ernst” (256K MP3)
Max Ernst” (WAV)
Weatherbox (Live)” (256K MP3)
Weatherbox (Live)” (WAV)

Here is the complete track listing for the reissues:

Mission Of Burma: The Definitive Editions I, II and III
Remastered from the original analog tapes

I. Signals, Calls & Marches dbl LP + DVD / CD + DVD

The “Academy Fight Song” 7″ (1980):

1. Academy Fight Song
2. Max Ernst

Two unreleased studio tracks from the “Academy Fight Song” session (1980):

3. Devotion
4. Execution [not the rehearsal demo included on a Taang LP, but the actual studio version]

The original ‘Signals, Calls & Marches’ 12″ EP (1981):

5. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
6. Outlaw
7. Fame And Fortune
8. This Is Not A Photograph
9. Red
10. All World Cowboy Romance

Companion DVD to Signals — Live at The Space (October 6, 1979) and The Underground (April 20, 1980):

a. This Is Not A Photograph (The Underground, 1980)
b. Secrets (The Space, 1979)
c. Devotion (The Underground, 1980)
d. Manic Incarnation (The Underground, 1980)
e. Eyes Of Men (The Underground, 1980)
f. Tremelo (The Underground, 1980)
g. Break On Through (The Space, 1979)
h. Head Over Head (The Underground, 1980)
i. Peking Spring (The Space, 1979)
j. OK/No Way (The Underground, 1980)

II. Vs. dbl LP + DVD / CD + DVD

The original Vs. LP (1983):

1. Secrets
2. Train
3. Trem Two
4. New Nails
5. Dead Pool
6. Learn How
7. Mica
8. Weatherbox
9. The Ballad Of Johnny Burma
10. Einstein’s Day
11. Fun World
12. That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate

Four bonus tracks (previously on the Ryko CD); tracks 13-15 were unreleased studio outtakes from the Vs. sessions, and 16 was the B-side of the 1982 “Trem Two” 7″ single:

13. Laugh The World Away
14. Forget
15. Progress
16. OK/No Way

Companion DVD to Vs. — Live at The Bradford Ballroom, March 12, 1983 (final Boston show, afternoon set):

a. The Ballad Of Johnny Burma (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
b. Red (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
c. Dirt (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
d. Forget (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
e. Secrets (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
f. Academy Fight Song (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
g. Trem Two (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
h. Sing-A-Long (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
i. That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
j. Weatherbox (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
k. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
l. Learn How (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
m. OK/No Way (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
n. Fun World (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)
o. All World Cowboy Romance (Bradford, 1983, afternoon set)

III. The Horrible Truth About Burma (live) dbl LP + DVD / CD + DVD

The original Horrible Truth live album, restored to its original sequence (1985, posthumously released):

1. Tremelo
2. Peking Spring
3. Dumbells
4. New Disco
5. Dirt
6. Go Fun Burn Man
7. 1970
8. Blackboard
9. He Is, She Is
10. Heart of Darkness

Bonus tracks, 3 of which were included on the Ryko CD, the fourth of which (track 12) has never been released:

11. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
12. Weatherbox
13. Trem Two
14. Learn How

Companion DVD to The Horrible Truth — Live at The Bradford Ballroom, March 12, 1983 (final Boston show, evening set):

a. This Is Not A Photograph (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
b. Mica (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
c. He Is, She Is (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
d. Outlaw (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
e. Peking Spring (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
f. Trem Two (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
g. Go Fun Burn Man (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
h. Fun World (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
j. Blackboard (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
k. See My Friends (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
l. Max Ernst (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
m. That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
n. Einstein’s Day (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
o. Dumbells (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
p. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
q. Secrets (Bradford, 1983, evening set)
r. Academy Fight Song (Bradford, 1983, evening set)

In addition, this DVD contains the original, abbreviated VHS program, with original titles, released by Ace Of Hearts through Atavistic in 1988, consisting of 11 of the above tracks.

All titles come with 32-page booklets with new interviews with the band and Rick Harte about the making of the records, as well as never-before seen photos and ephemera. The vinyl comes with full-size 12″ X 12″ booklets containing the same material plus some extras. The vinyl also comes with the DVDs, and MP3 download coupons.

The vinyl was mastered 100% all-analog in the case of I and II (not III) and pressed in HQ180 at RTI. It is housed in gorgeous heavy-duty Stoughton gatefold sleeves. We’ll have some video of the analog cutting process up shortly. Video of the analog cutting process can be watched here, with more clips to come shortly.

And yes, we will be launching have launched an incredible preorder deal (scroll down after clicking on link) for ordering the 3 CD+DVDs as a bundle very shortly on the Matador Store (please note: discount will not apply to the vinyl, one of the most expensive projects we’ve ever undertaken).

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  1. godammit, i gotta buy all these records AGAIN? thanks a lot. “see my friends” may just make me do it. how about a “new” MoB live album, perhaps with an emphasis on covers played in the last 6 years…

  2. I am a bit disappointed that the live version of Red (from the Ryko “Horrible Truth” disc) isn’t on this version, but from what I remember it didn’t have that much to add to the studio version. I’m really looking forward to the DVDs.

  3. want want want NOW!!!! when is the preorder!?!?!? and this is a billion times better than he Ryko editions!!!! MATADOR RULES!!!

  4. You guys don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and I appreciate the frustration with multiple reissues.

    That said, these ones are the shit. I’m not sure that that’s been adequately emphasized.

    And of course, your hard-earned dollars are going to support a very worthy cause.

  5. Re: Red. Rick and the band were never happy about that rendition. They chose quality over completeness in this instance, always a hard choice I admit. (Who knows how many more live recordings Rick has in his vaults? Well, he taped every single show from that farewell tour, so lots.)

    Against that, the version of “Red” from the all-ages show at the Bradford (the DVD packaged with Vs.) is fantastical. I think you guys will enjoy.

  6. While I had hoped for more archival live recordings of “The Ballad Of Johnny Burma” – I’m sure that I will be thoroughly satisfied with the recording from The Bradford, 03/12/1983 afternoon set).

    Please be advised:
    “Mission Of Burma: The Definitive Editions I, II and III”,
    gets JohnnyBurma’s personal 5 (out of 5) star approval rating.
    A ‘must buy’ for all MoB fanatics.

  7. thank you. you proved greatness with the pavement reissues and have outdone yourselves with the mob reissues. thank you, again. just in time for my birthday. wish you could bundle the lp\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s but its alright. \\\\\\\\

  8. One thing Ryko got right on their first MoB release is sequencing “Forget” before “Laugh the World Away.” The drumstick clicks are such a perfect segue, it seems there had to be some design to that. Of course, on the LP equivalent, they split “Mica” and “Weatherbox” with the end of a record side! So I suppose there’s countless different ways to approach these things. Incidentally, I always rather liked that live “Red,” but we got plenty of Burma coming our way.

  9. Done and done. I anticipate a huge wait on the vinyl, but it will come. Bring it on. I’ll wake up singing the Academy Fight Song in the morning.

  10. Is the CD preorder bundle being made available through Insound? They have the individual preorders, but not the bundle this far.

    I’d like to wrap up a big ol’ bunch of shopping at once…

  11. Just an FYI about typos in the liner notes:
    In “The Horrible Truth” liner notes, 3 photos state “April 21” in the captions but the correct date was March 21.

  12. oh man, these sound GOOOOD. i’m hearing things in the mixes that hadn’t hit me before, and the Space/Underground DVD is thrilling. has the studio chatter on VS. been added, or was it on the original LP? it’s mostly absent from the first Ryko disc (1988)

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