Buy Early Get Now #5: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Preorder the Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks album ‘Real Emotional Trash’ (out March 4) now, and a get an instant stream along with two exclusive B-sides, an entire live show and a poster.

Visit the website to register. You start by preordering the album from a participating retailer – click the location on the map closest to you, or just order from the Matador Store – and you will get a username and password. Go back to to log in, download the stream, and get your extras on the site over the next few weeks.

On March 4 you pick up the album and poster from your local retailer or receive it in the mail. Simple and straightforward.

36 thoughts on “Buy Early Get Now #5: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks”

  1. I have the same question. I cant find the preorder at matador’s store. Any chance it is going to be up soon? I cant wait to hear this album.

  2. Stream and first B-side up now, second B-side up very shortly.

    Lukas: will investigate Montreal retail.

  3. I just pre-ordered through the matador site. why can’t I register at buy early get now for my stream?? All I got was a confirmation of order email without any username/password info for begn. They say they have no record of my email.

  4. Same for me. I preordered the album and only got a confirmation. No password to stream. Very lame. Don’t advertise GET STREAM NOW.

  5. I got my password a couple days after ordering from the Matastore. It’s not quite “get now” instant gratification, but I’m happy enough with how it’s worked.

  6. Yep sorry everyone, this is in the fine print but obviously we should put it in the main text – creating the code and emailing it out is a manual process, so it takes up to 24 hours (business days) after you order for you to get the code, esp when we get hundreds of orders at once as we just did.

  7. Hi everyone I want to make a quick note and apology about Buy Early Get Now. At this time, our system is set up so every order that’s made has to be imported into our system then manually added to BEGN so that passwords can finally be sent out. We’re working with our web designer to expedite this process so you can get your passwords immediately but it’s something that takes a lot of changes on a systemic level. I hope that we can make this happen soon, but in the meantime we strive to ensure that everyone gets their password the next business day after they make an order. I realize this isn’t quite “NOW” but the music is still is available over a month before the release date with all sorts of goodies included. I’m sorry that wasn’t clearly articulated at the beginning of this promotion.

    Thank you for sticking with Buy Early Get Now despite these speedbumps. We still think it’s a really great way to bring Matador’s music to people as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

  8. Hey, Matador peoples, just wanted to say…I got the code, got my download and stream, and the new album ROCKS!!!

    Initial impatience aside…thanks!! 🙂

  9. You guys are still advertising 2 B-Sides available NOW with this promotion when this is not the case. This is the 5th promotion in this series and it seems you guys still haven’t improved communication at all since the first one.

  10. what’s with all the hate? Any news on a Montreal store participating, Patrick? Phonopolis or Cheap Thrills would be down I’m sure.

  11. I was wondering if any of the Seattle stores will be participating. At Sonic Boom they said they may, but didn’t really have an answer…

  12. Matt, I’ll talk to the Sonic Boom folks and we’ll try to make this happen. You can e-mail me directly at
    Which Sonic Boom location were you at?


  13. A quick question for you all:

    When they say an “instant stream”, does this mean that I will get to download the MP3s to my hard drive, or is it literally something that I have to stream from the website every time I want to listen to it.



  14. I ordered from the matador site on the 5th and still do not have my code. Are you still experiencing delays?

  15. seriously, is this a joke? buy early get never. first it’s 24 hours, then 3 days. then when you get nothing you plug your email address in on their site and are told it’s not in their database. nice business model.

  16. Steve B: The stream is just that. You have to stream it everytime you want to listen to it. The b-side jams and the live shows are downloads.

    mrvos & steve. This is not a joke and we’re trying to get everyone sorted out. Have you tried e-mailing Dean? If not you should e-mail at


  17. Thanks for the BEGN program. I look forward to each release, it really adds alot to the record buying experience.

    Mega Cheers!

  18. I’ve had to redownload the B-side. It’s counting down apparently, telling me I have one download remaining for it. Does that mean after 3 listens, I’m going to lose it??

  19. No, once you download it, it’s on your computer.

    It just means you get three chances to download it (not 3 chances to listen to it!)


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