Howling tiger (Seur rong hai)

My first Thai dish. The cookbook is Su-mei Yu’s ‘Cracking The Coconut,’ recommended by Nils Bernstein. This is chicken with a ton of chilis. Actually this was crying tiger (7 birdseye chilis), as opposed to gently weeping tiger (3-4) or howling tiger (15-20 plus). It packed an intense punch, not just in spiciness… the roasted, ground coriander seed, roasted ground white pepper, roasted ground green pepper, cups of minced cilantro root, fish sauce, sugar and as much garlic as you could possibly imagine took care of that. However, since we’re gluttons for intensity, we also used some of the evocatively named prik dong (marinated Thai chilis in salted vinegar), which I’d been preparing over the past week, to kick it up (see picture below). Plates were cleaned – I’ll be making this one again.