Matador Records & Filmworks – Not Waiting For Anyone Else’s Castoffs, Thanks

About 50 (fucking) times a year I’ll do an interview with some self-styled music biz journalist who figures “the changing state of the industry” (Radiohead download, RIAA, BestBuy, Cat Power diamond commercial, iTunes, 360 deals, LiveNation, Kil Slug reunion, blah blah blah) means there’s a great opportunity for Matador to snap up all the awesome talent that’s falling through the cracks in major label-land. Said mind blowing proposition usually comes 5 minutes before or after I’m asked “how has the internet changed how you do business?” (Answer : “it provides endless opportunities to be asked that question via electronic mail”)

If you’re thinking of posing such a question in a future interview, please, by all means, call someone at Anti, Yep Roc, Merge, or Audible Hiss Fatal Errection instead.   But knowing that you folks have a very important job to do in writing-about-the-music-business, I’ll throw you the following bone :

We’re not signing this guy, either.

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