New Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks MP3 – “Baltimore”

When considering the city of Baltimore, we often think of Edgar Allen Poe, Ray Lewis, Bayliss & Pembleton, Boog Powell, Art Donovan, John Waters, “The Wire” or perhaps the fantastic Randy Newman song, “Baltimore”.

With full respect to all of the above, going forward, we might think of the fantastic new song by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, also entitled, “Baltimore” (mp3, taken from the forthcoming CD/LP ‘Real Emotional Trash’)

15 thoughts on “New Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks MP3 – “Baltimore””

  1. Great news, great song. It is probably not gonna be a single, it’s too long for it, i think. It fed me with an idea that Real Emotional Trash may be something between pig lib and face the truth.

  2. Yay! Yes! And so on (!)

    I love this song, I already knew it in a way from the concerts and boots but this is so great, made my post-Finals evening etc.

    I’ve been singing lines of it coming up in memory from bootlegs of it just waiting to come home and hear the real recording.

    Can hardly wait for the ‘Real Emotional Trash’ LP. I read the story about the mazey journey to recording the album and fuck what a road.

    So yeah, this song is great and thanks for posting it!

  3. help me out w/ lyrics in last verse!!!

    you come on like gangbusters, laying it thick
    arboreal sleestack, lost in the sticks
    it’s warm for a witch trial. don’t you agree?
    cold are the hands that would ever touch me.

    you got energy of a classic creep.
    with sex vibe for miles and shark eyes asleep.
    no intuition, no need to sleuth.
    poor is the man who would sully my view.

    a one-minute story is all that you are.
    a song undeveloped, beyond the first bar.
    for all of your hustle, what did you win?
    woe is the man with the cheshire cat grin.

    you criticize life
    you criticize pain
    you criticize situations you’ve never been in
    but dawn for the dilletants will come soon enough

    the panic is leaking through every clear pore
    your [? something about a torch ?]
    so root for the crucifix on the skull full of rot

    i’m in love with the people
    i’m in love with a saint
    i’m in love with a soldier from BALTIMORE!

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