Coming March 4 : SM & The Jicks’ ‘Real Emotional Trash’

Through 3 solo albums and his prior role as the pen & voice behind the vast majority of the Pavement oeuvre, Stephen Malkmus long ago staked his claim as one of the most fertile minds in American music. That said, he’s never made a record that covered nearly as much stylistic ground as the forthcoming ‘Real Emotional Trash’, nor, it could be argued, has Stephen made an album until now that packed as much of an emotional (not nearly trashy enough for some) wallop. “Cold Son”, “Out Of Reaches” and “We Can’t Help You” are amongst the more gorgeous, contemplative songs Malkmus has recorded, though we should stress a) there’s no shortage of dark humor scattered through RET and b) Malkmus remains a shit-hot guitarist (ridiculously so). You’ll not be surprised the persons entrusted with selling this record will insist ‘Real Emotional Trash’ is Malmkus’ finest hour. But you might be very startled when you hear it for yourself.

‘Real Emotional Trash’ , the second album thus far to be credited to Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, was recorded with the chopstastic musical accompaniment of Joanna Bolme, Janet Weiss and Mike Clark. The album was recorded with engineer T.J. Doherty at Snow Ghost Studios in Whitefish, MT.

full track listing :

Dragonfly Pie
Hopscotch Willie
Cold Son
Real Emotional Trash
Out Of Reaches
Elmo Delmo
We Can’t Help You
Wicked Wanda

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks will be touring North American in Spring 2008.

6 thoughts on “Coming March 4 : SM & The Jicks’ ‘Real Emotional Trash’”

  1. fan-tastic! wonder what the mp3’ll be. based on talks of catchiness in todays pitchfork interview i’ll guess hopscotch willie. i’ve been holding out on listening to the live versions so that the album feels more like christmas.

    thanks for allowing me to hear a piece of real emotional trash very shortly.

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