The New Pornographers – Christmas Single Coming Nov. 27 Dec. 4 From The iTunes Music Store

It’s the first Matador Xmas record since The Frogs’ “Here Comes Santa’s Pussy”. And it more than lives up to that super high standard!

1) “The Spirit Of Giving” (from the CD/LP ‘Challengers’)
2) “Arms Of Mary” / “Looking At A Baby” (previously unreleased, the former by Iain Sutherland of The Sutherland Brothers, though the New Pornographers’ version is a tribute to Chilliwack‘s rendition. “Looking At A Baby” is a Collectors cover)
3) “Joseph” (previously unreleased, A.C. Newman original)

Here’s the direct link to the EP on the iTunes Store.

7 thoughts on “The New Pornographers – Christmas Single Coming Nov. 27 Dec. 4 From The iTunes Music Store”

  1. A question…

    Will us “Buy Early Get Now” people be getting the non-lp tracks as part of our subscription, by chance? Here’s hoping…

  2. claims the current b-side is the last one, so looks like the answer is “no”. I’m not pleased by this.

  3. BEGN folks will get everything, but like several of the earlier exclusives, not immediately. The exigencies of marketing in a splintered world. Don’t worry BEGN folks, we are not abandoning you! We will stand by our promises.

  4. Another note, in response to a similar thread on the Matador Bulletin Board:

    This is an unexpected extra that we will be supplying to BEGN subscribers as a bonus. It’s not part of the BEGN campaign, and it’s up to you whether you want to hold off burning your B-sides disc for this – we and the band see it as a separate thing.

    Carl Newman is a prolific songwriter and performer, and there will always be extras and new things coming along, often unexpectedly (the B-sides were recorded in Austin 2 weeks ago at a moment’s notice). So there may well be other bits and pieces coming along in the future… BEGN will come to an end at some point, but we hope you all agree that you will get your money’s worth – and more.

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