Snoozy Columnist Decries The No Privacy Era

Always wear a clean pair of undies, folks, ’cause you never know when yours might up in the Daily Mail. Said tabloid’s Tom Rawstrorne is genuinely bummed at Facebook’s “30 Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night”

Part of the Facebook phenomenon (6.5million active users in the UK alone and growing by the day), it was set up by an American student and as its name suggests has as its basis a 30-strong list of telltale signs that the “sisterhood” should recognise as being indicative of home-time.

They include having “no idea where your friends are”, sitting down and the room starting to spin, passing out at a party and waking up with “writing all over your face and limbs”, making out with five different guys, stripping off and falling over.

most eye-catching are the 5,000-odd pictures posted on the site.

These include women, the majority identified by name, vomiting in toilets or over themselves, collapsing on the ground, urinating in public or inadvertently exposing themselves.

Some of the images are shocking. Most are deeply depressing.

And what is extraordinary is that the majority of these pictures are posted onto the web by the subjects themselves.

Professor Furedi believes social networking sites are used by young people to signal that they are “out there” and that they want to be noticed.

“Although there is now a fairly deeply entrenched drinking culture amongst young people where basically people drink for its own sake, it is also being used as a way to show people what a daring, risk-taking, funky young person they are,” he says.

Sheesh. Good thing only women get up to this kind of thing.