Ahem. “Brocaine”?

Bid at your own risk, folks.

Remember how that rare Velvet Underground acetate was unearthed at the Chelsea flea market by a clueless record digger (I hate that guy).
Well people, that was just an hors d’eourve, this is the main course. Here is a chance to own suitable for framing Indie Rock history acetates from hottt Matador band Pretty Girls Make Graves. I happened upon these GRAILS at a rummage sale adjoining a Renaissance Faire in upstate New York. I was dressed as a dark knave.

Two Elan Vital acetates (2) in white sleeves [side A and side B separate one-sided reference pressings]

fun facts about the PGMGA (Pretty Girls Make Graves Acetates):

1) Cosloy briefly hinted at their existence during the 2007 SXSW blogger brunch
2) Trace amounts of brocaine can be found on the side A runout groove (u party?)

Unlike that Velvet Underground acetate playtested hype auction (I hate him), these virginally pure acetates have been untouched by the hand of Man.
This is *investment grade* vinyl, and we would not dare sully it. Only the winner of this auction will decide whether to enjoy these recordings on an audiophile quality system or frame them in rarest teakwood.

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