Kanye Does The Impossible…

….he's made it easy to root for 50 Cent in the countdown to next week's Soundscan.  The following quote is culled from Stereotyped :

“It’s like what if your drawbacks ended up being your superpower? I’ve always had an issue with masculinity. I’m like, ‘I hope this person isn’t looking at me like I’m a faggot ’cause I have some feminine ways.’ Maybe I’m not the guy who kicks off (a fight) in a club. Now I’m a 30-year-old, I’ve accepted that.

“Because of that I’ve ended up having the No.1 album.”

Before we all rush to judgement, I'm of the opinion the ever-cagey West is just engaging in some conceptual humor.  I seem to recall an almost identical quip, word for word, from Glenn Danzig when 'Black Aria II" entered the Billboard Classical Chart at no. 1 in 1992. 

One thought on “Kanye Does The Impossible…”

  1. is he doing a double reverse wink? he’s got sugar in his tank, and it’s ok to say that. like converting to judiasm for the jokes. i dunno, that’s my theory.

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