A Tribute To A Web Site Time Forgot

What in blazes does soul legend George McRae have to do with Matador Records and Filmworks?  Well, unless you count Yo La Tengo's inspired cover of "You Can Have It All", of the Frogs' paen to George's longtime muse, "Gwedolyn McRae", absolutely nothing.

That disclaimer aside, the official George McRae website is a terrifying blast from the past.  The past in this case being the heady interweb design days of 1994.

Former Panty Line Fever editor Rick Hall was moved to write, "check out his rather primitive WEBPAGE that makes my browser crash. Read his grandiose BIO that, with its superstar hyperbole, deserves an audiobook reading by the guy from J&H PRODUCTIONS".  And Hall's right on the money, it's a doozy.  Were you aware, for instance, that McRae was the recipient of the Luxembourg Golden Lion Award for Outstanding Achievement By A Foreign Artist in Germany ? ("Frank Sinatra is the only other U.S.A. Recipient of this award" – huh, eat shit and die Hasselhoff!)

Anyhow, read it at your own risk. And if there's anything about the site's layout that seems a tad familiar, just remember that George isn't merely "The Disco Pioneer", he's also an HMTL innovator to boot. 

2 thoughts on “A Tribute To A Web Site Time Forgot”

  1. George isn’t alone. Please click on Bob “Sentimental Lady” Welch’s face at http://www.bobwelch.com/ … if you’re willing to dig deep (as I obviously have), he’s posted many of his old demos, some of which, if he had thought to press them on 7″ in 1991, would have ended up in the Ajax catalog, and eventually led to a critical reevaluation of early 70s FM, Pitchfork interviews, etc.

    Direct link to the demos: http://www.bobwelch.com/USE%202%20doorway%20to%20my%20past.htm

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