Inquiring Minds Wanna Know : What’s Up With The Blank Discs In The Pretty Box?

Q:  Why are the extra discs in my 'Challengers' Executive Edition box set blank?

A : Don't worry, they're not defective.  They're supposed to be blank. 

Here's how the Executive Edition works :  the box set you've bought is packaging for 3 screen printed CD-Rs.  The content for the box set will be made available to download a track at a time from  When all the tracks and files have been made available, you can burn them to the appropriate CD-R.

Q: What file formats will this stuff be in?

A: Audio files will be provided as 256kbps MP3, as well as in FLAC format.  Most people are familiar with mp3s, they're the download format of choice and play in virtually any portable audio file device like the iPod.FLAC is a lossless, open source format that provides audio at the same quality as factory pressed CDs.  The file size is significantly larger than mp3, and the files don't play in iTunes.  For more info on FLAC, go to

Q: How will I know when to burn the CDs?

A: At there's a burn meter that shows you how much Executive material we've released, and how much more is left to go until you can burn each disc.  We've got material lined up for the next couple months, so expect not to burn the discs until then.

Q: I'd like to watch late night television tonight but haven't done so since Ted Koppel left "Nightline". Do you have any recommendations?

A: Absolutely.  The New Pornographers will be performing tonight on CBS's "The Late Show With David Letterman."  Dave's other guests will be Hayden Panettiere and Jeff Goldblum. Hopefully the latter will have some good stories to share from his days playing opposite Ben Vereen on "Tenspeed & Brown Shoe", though perhaps he's done something since, too. 

7 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Wanna Know : What’s Up With The Blank Discs In The Pretty Box?”

  1. They take the stage at 10pm. But I wouldn’t miss the opener, Vampire Weekend, they feature a former Matador intern.

  2. hey dudes,
    first, THANK YOU. i applaud you for doing the whole “buy early get now” thing and it’s really cool for superfans. but jesus, is it confusing. first the record dude doesn’t give me a code, so i lose interest and just wait. then when i pick up the cd after waiting a month later, i don’t know where my secret code is when i get it, and i have blank cds on my ride home. then i get home and have to register, and after all that there are only two mp3s posted?

    KEEP IT SIMPLE. the whole program is anything but simple. i don’t want to read a pdf explaining it. it’s not a rocket launch.

    a friendly word of advice: your consumers don’t want to come back 20 seperate times for 20 seperate tracks. it WILL make them think twice about the hassle the next time around when buying your product. post everything on one page, nice and neat, for download. let the uber geeks get all their extra tracks the day the thing comes out (thus super-stoking them) so NEXT TIME, when you’re selling extras, they go “yeah, that was rad last time!” and not “shit, that was too much work”.

    just a thought. thanks again, i really like the challengers record.

  3. I like the record, but I don’t like the packaging. Since I got the vinyl, my slipcase comes with a square of cardboard where the “Challengers” CD would go. I suppose there’s nothing that can really be done about it, but an extra digipack for my legally burned Challengers CDR would have been much appreciated.

  4. omg: sorry for the glitches and the confusion, yes I think we bit off a bit more than we could chew! Next time it’ll be simpler, we promise.

    Rob: we’ll hook you up with a digi for that spot in the box. Email [email protected] if you haven’t already.

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