When You’re The Greatest, You’re On The Shortest List Of All


Congrats to Chan Marshall on the most recent Cat Power album, 'The Greatest' being awarded the 2007 Shortlist Music Prize.

Chan's victory brings to mind George C. Scott winning the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1970 for his lead performance in "Patton". Scott took a dim view of competition between true artists, calling the Oscars "a goddamn meat parade."

Though we've not heard from Chan on this matter (and I do not intend to speak on her behalf), I would like to stress that the staff, management and ownership of Matador Records have only the greatest appreciation for MEAT PARADES. Those of you who might find such spectacles demeaning or superfluous, perhaps you should just 'fess up. You're afraid.  Of Losing.  To Cat Power. 

So bring 'em on — Grammies, American Music Awards, People's Choice, Plug Awards, the Noble Prize, etc.  If Chan's trophy cabinet gets a little too crowded, that's why there's an IKEA nearby.  And if they'd like to sponsor some sort of medal, loving cup or crystal statue, that's all the better.  

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