Buy Early Get Now Pt. IV : The New Pornographers – Challengers

We haven't figured out the drum roll sound effects (sorry), and presenting the upcoming 4th album from the New Pornographers, 'Challengers' surely requires special effects that would make Michael Bay dizzy.  So if you wanna hear a strong candidate for 2007's Album Of The Year more than 2 months before street date, here's your big chance : [coolplayer width="250" height="250" autoplay="0" loop="0" charset="GBK" download="0" mediatype=""]begn-4 banner

TWO VERSIONS TO CHOOSE FROM:  "EXECUTIVE EDITION" AND "STANDARD EDITION". As usual, this Buy Early, Get Now preorder is available from a select group of physical and online retailers, listed here Or, you can order direct from Matador.

When you preorder the album with one of them, not only do you reserve a copy of "Challengers," for release date, there's mo' mo' mo'. 

Challengers: Executive Edition (list price $19.99)

* You Get It All + an exclusive, limited edition, CD/CD-R Box Set. 
*Full Album Stream  (available within days of your purchase)
*The Challengers Box-Set A very limited edition Treasury of New Pornography available only to Executive members. Includes three bonus CD-Rs, designed in a deluxe box set package bonus discs.Disc One:  B-Sides, Demos and Alternate MixesDisc Two:  The New Pornographers "Live From The Future"
Disc Three:  Videos, photos and artwork(note: you will download all of this material digitally as part of Buy Early Get Now, so some-assembly is required as some of these recordings haven't even happened yet.)
*Advance notice and exclusive ticket buying links for upcoming New Pornographers dates
*Anything extra that we can scheme up between now and the end of the world.

Challengers: The Standard (Cheapskate) Edition (list price 14.99)
Everything except the box set, the live disc, videos, photos and artwork.
*Full Album Stream Listen to all of Challengers more than 2 months ahead of release
*3 previously unreleased B-Sides
*Advance notice and exclusive ticket buy links for upcoming New Pornographers dates

speaking of which, there's a bunch of New Pornographers shows that are 4-real-confirmed.   And if you'd like a crack at purchasing tickets a week before the general public, your participation in the 'Challengers' portion of Buy Early, Get Now will allow you to do so starting tomorrow. 

43 thoughts on “Buy Early Get Now Pt. IV : The New Pornographers – Challengers”

  1. Damn, I wish Matador would ship to the rest of the world. I shall wait patiently, but it’s going to be hard.

  2. I’ve tried to order the box set but the link for UK residents to puts you through to the old NP albums!!!
    Am I being really thick?
    Please advise as I do really want the ‘executive’ edition.

    best wishes,


  3. Ordered the Executive Edition this morning. Can anyone tell me when to expect the password to be mailed out to me in order to download the new cd?

  4. Hey people,

    The way our system works, I don’t get the day’s orders until 12AM that night. So if you order on a weekday, you’ll get your code the next day, and if you order on the weekend, you’ll get it the following weekday. This and other preorder madness are explained in the FAQ on If you have any questions that aren’t covered there, drop me a line at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to help you out. Thanks!

  5. Ok, so I pre-ordered the boxset from matadorrecords Store just a few minutes ago, using my Visa card. Should I be getting a password in the mail tomorrow then?

  6. I emailed you guys directly about this before, and it’s only been partly fixed. When I go to register so I can pre-order Challengers, the “BC” option shows up for the shipping address, but not billing address. BC is definitely within Canada, so…

    Please fix this, I want to listen to Challengers and get all the extra shiz lol.
    Thanks for your help.

  7. so i got a notice in my e-mail like a week and a half ago saying my order was already shipped. i found that surprising since i thought no one would be getting the album until close to or release date. am i supposed to get my stuff in the mail soon then or was that message a mistake?

  8. Hi Kristin,

    That email was generated by our automatically by our merchant processing service. It’s triggered by us sending you your code, and is supposed to say “your order shipped or you’ve received instructions to access your preorder stream.” Unfortunately there was a technical glitch with the merchant processing people, and that part of the email wasn’t showing up. We’ve fixed it now, and going forward people should receive a more complete notification. But to answer your question, nope “Challengers” isn’t in the mail and won’t be until August.

    Caroling-thanks for letting us know. Our programmer was duly notified and tells me he fixed the problem (finally). You know, I’m not sure what British Columbia did to that guy, but apparently it was bad enough. Any other questions can be directed to [email protected]

  9. How do we get this new July 4th B-side? I’m guessin’ it’ll be obvious, but maybe the link just hasn’t materialized yet?

  10. I have a stupid question –

    Can we expect to receive our order in the mail ON the day it releases?

  11. I ordered this weeks ago from my local store but still haven’t received any codes for exclusive downloads of any kind. Had to download the album from a blog just to hear it..

  12. not for nothing, but this is about the music, right? 🙂 i’ve had the music available to me now for a couple of weeks or so.. and it is incredible!!! i can’t even pick which are my favorite songs.. but, off the top of my head, my rights, showstoppers, challengers, myriad harbour, unguided, mutiny, failsafe, go places are among the best stuff the NP’s have ever done! Bravo.. and well done! Can’t wait until Boston in October. Thanks so much for making this available and rest assured when the album hits next month i’ll buy extra copies for friends. Thanks again!

  13. I ordered the executive edition on June 11th and still have not received the codes for the advanced streaming. I see above that there was a “glitch” in the e-mails that went to those who purchased this edition, and that a second e-mail was supposed to go out with the passcodes, etc. Can you please let me know what the status of this is? Thanks.

  14. morons. I just heard on the NPR how you went after some blog dude for posting a song. That’s free PR, in case you’re confused. I suggest you join the modern world, or wither and die along with the other dinosaurs of the music biz…… Sincerely, he who doesn’t deal with aggressive corporations

  15. d-

    yeah, it couldn\’t possibly be that NPR got the story wrong.

    Glad to hear that you\’re not dealing with aggressive corporations, though. Other than using Verizon for your ISP.

  16. Just curious… iTunes lists a “bonus track” ‘Fugue State’ and a pre-order track, ‘Fortune’. ‘Fugue State’ isn’t on the physical CD (which I’ve already received, thanks 🙂 ). Will these tracks be made available as part of the Executive Edition? These “iTunes exclusive” tracks bother the hell out of me.

  17. Alright, I asked this question already but can we expect to get the CDs in the mail on Tuesday????

  18. Hi Robert,

    Yes, you should have them by then and maybe by tomorrow, if you are in the US. If you are elsewhere in the world, all orders went out the week before last, but it can be difficult to predict how long international shipments will take to reach their destinations.

    (and remember! the bonus CDRs in the box are blank pre-printed CDRs and will not have music on them – we will be supplying that to you via the Buy Early Get Now site over the next few months, and you will be burning them to complete your set)

  19. Hmm…just got the executive edition at a real live record store…and the uplink code doesn’t work. So what’s the deal? Am I retarded?

  20. So… let me see if I am straight on this… all the CDR material (Live Stuff, Bonus Tracks-Bsides-Outtakes, and Video’s/Photos) are not yet available… So far I only grabbed 2 B-Sides… Is there a possibility of emailing or posting a list that is supposed to go on each CD-R so we know what to hold out for?

  21. I don’t see how they can give you a list, since the live stuff isn’t even recorded yet. It’s been stated that they’ll let you know when it’s all been posted.

  22. What. The. Sam. HELL?

    You f’ing mailed us CD-R’s? BLANK CD-R’s?

    I… I really can’t express how annoyed and irritated I am right now. On one paw, I got the package in today.

    On the other, I feel like I was ripped out of ten bucks for getting the Executive edition. So now I have to wait months till all the songs are released so I can burn them to the disc?

    And now I have to track down the confirmation email that I got when I bought this to find the damn uplink code.

  23. I don’t get people. How could it have been any more clear that they were mailing cd-rs? Matador, don’t let some people who can’t read convince you not to do something like this in the future.

  24. I was wondering if the New Pornographers album is going to be on emusic? I was hoping it would show up this week but it is not on there. Is matador not working with emusic anymore? I know that a few labels have dropped off but I really hope that matador will stay on there. thanks for your time.

  25. Is the “Executive Edition” with all it’s goodies available even though it’s after the “Buy Early, Get Now” promo? Thanks.

  26. Nathan:
    Hell, in that case, at least do cd-rw, so people don’t have to wait months/years to burn the cd.

    Currently listening to Junior Kimbrough’s [i]God Knows I Tried[/i]

  27. Bummer, emusic says that the album is not avialble for download in my country. That’s the USA! Hopefully this is just a timing issue, still trying to get it on emusic? I’ll keep checking back. If someone sees differently, please post.

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