Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Saying “I Have No Ideas Of My Own”

the real thing :
Michael Palmieri's
video for The New Pornographers' "Sing Me Spanish Techno"


subsequently, we have Girl In A Coma's "Road To Home" directed by Greg Olliver :


In the words of SF Weekly's Brock Keeling, "With all due respect to the plagiarist(s) of the latter, the former is way superior." 

We couldn't put it better ourselves. Not without profanity, anyway.  (Thanks to Nils and Michael for the tip)

6 thoughts on “Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Saying “I Have No Ideas Of My Own””

  1. i dont think this was intentional.. and im sorry i love the label.. but never was a fan of new pornographers… girl in a coma is amazing.. check out the album before making judgements.. their video has completly more meaning.
    that album by new sucked.

  2. I know this blog is from a long time ago and im not sure the writer will see this but I felt the need to leave a comment anyway. Ive recently become a huge fan of Giac , who started around this time with the release of Both Before I’m Gone. They told me they are now seeing a new label and I mentioned Matador. One of the members told me that she believed Matador was not to fond of them. Which I naturally asked why. She said that a long time ago when their first record was released she remembered reading a blog on Matador about how they ripped off the idea of a video from the New Pornographers. She then told they were extremely sadden because at the time of coming up with the idea for the video they had no idea about this other video. They were new to the scene with their first record and now know about researching videos. At the time they were so excited about the idea and got Amanda Lepore on board. After their video was featured on Perez Hilton they got a huge push and then read about this video. They admit they were alike and were sadden that Matador was upset because they again had no idea. They are big fans of the label. I researched for myself and found this blog. I do not know if anyone at this label now know of the impact this band has made and the many accomplishment and fans this band now carries. Thousand of fans worldwide, toured worldwide and have even toured with Morrissey himself among other great. 4 critically acclaimed albums and NPR loves the band. Voting them the top 50 album of 2011. Check out their tiny desk show, which is where i discovered them. As a fan of Matador, I write to tell you to seriously consider researching this band and checking them out live when they come through NYC. They have recently headlined the Bowery Ballroom just about selling it out and return again on Oct.25th to Lincoln Center at the David Rubenstein Atrium. I think once you see this band live and meet these girls you will learn how important they are to music. I would love to see Matador release a record. Im sure they will make the office proud.

  3. I’m sure Girl In A Coma are very popular and beloved by many. We have this weird habit of putting out records we like, not necessarily what we think everyone else will like. Sometimes our tastes happen to corresponded with the public at large, sometimes not. I mean no disrespect to Girl In A Coma or their multitude of fans when i say they’re probably best represented by a label run by persons like yourself — ie. big fans of their work. And I say that without presuming for one moment they’d want to record for or even that they’re contractually free to do so (they very well might not be).

    I think it would be a stretch to say we were upset by the similarities between the videos. It’s either a funny coincidence or an unfortunate one, depending on your perspective. But no one on our end harbors any ill will towards Girl In A Coma.


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