Let’s Get Into Trouble, Baby : Plundering The Video Vault With Hal Hartley

Since many of the staff, management and ownership of your 2nd or 3rd fave rock'n'roll imprint are big fans of the Hal Hartley oeuvre, now would be an opportune moment to plug the forthcoming release of the writer/director's "Fay Grim".

Starring Parker Posey, Jeff Goldblum, Leo "Surviving Bubbles" Fitzpatrick, and Hartley vets Elina Löwensohn, James Urbaniak, James Montgomery and D.J. Mendel, "Fay Grim" has been described as a continuation of 1997's "Henry Fool".  While we've not seen it ourselves, you can check out the trailer here

"Fay Grim" premieres on the Mavs-tastic HDNet Movies channel May 18, and will be available on the popular DVD format, May 22.

Aside from our being just-plain-nuts about Hal's films ("The Unbelievable Truth", "Trust", "Simple Men" and the aforementioned "Henry Fool" most prominently), there's also an ever-so-slight Matador connection here. Not only did we have the good fortune to release the soundtrack album to "Amateur" in 1994 (a project that did not quite meet the approval of the Zip Code Rapists), but Hal lent his directorial talents to Yo La Tengo's "From A Motel 6" video the same year.


As luck would have it, our close pals at Atlantic Records threw a minor shit fit when they saw what Hal came up with.  In desperation, we turned to esteemed "video doctor" and noted musician David Kleiler to come up with a more commercially acceptable substitute. And while version 2 met with no small acclaim (and with all due respect to David), many of us still prefer Hal's meditation on the song. 

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