She’s Not Worth It

("uh oh.  My upwardly mobile, throughly mature lady friend is on the warpath due to my excesive vinyl consumption.  I'd better haul ass to Radio Hut.")

("hey, converting analog sound to low bit rate mp3's is easy and painless with the help of Radio Hut….even though it would take weeks, not hours to convert even a modest record collection, as shown in this bogus advertisement.")

("check it out, intolerant, easily frustrated would-be spouse!  A lifetime love affair with one of the coolest mediums invented has been reduced to a tiny black box…and speakers that sound like shit!")

Or to quote Britt Daniel, "Don't Buy The Realistic."   On the unveiling of Radio Shack's latest (sexist) commercial, I've got three words for the former Tandy company on behalf of record collector scum everywhere.  FUCK. OFF. NOW. 

7 thoughts on “She’s Not Worth It”

  1. Yes everyone knows records are just big hunks of vinyl taking up space, there couldn’t possibly be any value to them. This is the stupidest commercial I’ve seen in a while. Who would want to waste their time converting an entire collection of vinyl to mp3s anyhow?

  2. is it a waste of time to convert teenage fanclub’s “a catholic education” or cat butt’s epic “journey to the center of”? i think not!

    do you know what’s hot? buying new matador vinyl and getting a free download of the album. no fuss, no muss. btw–thanks for that matador.

    you guys really do go to the mat for the bands you’ll adore.

  3. A cool little story in a 30 second tv commercial. The song is good. The girl is hot. No you can’t physically convert all those LPs in that ammount of time…but it’s an fing commercial…I think it’s a pretty cool one.

  4. the song in the back is “somethin’ wrong” by the easybeats. very rare song to find online.

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