A Fond Farewell To 625 Broadway…

(photo courtesy the Mark Ohe archives)

After a decade on the 12th floor (and more than 17 years in the 'hood), today marks Matador's final day at 625 Broadway.  On Monday, we'll be moving to our new fancy digs with our pals from the Beggars Group — and dig is the operative world.  Much of the staff will be wielding shovels all weekend. 

Though we've had our gripes over the years, I cannot claim 625 wasn't good to us.  We had a great view of a Diana Ross photo shoot, once.  And over the years, our glamorous neighbors on the other floors have included video game firms, failed dot coms and the mysteriously dubbed "Juvenille Lingerie".  We never did quite turn Gonzalez y Gonzalez into our local (ie. we're not crazy), but we did manage to stay on the block long enough to bear witness to the closing and reopening of no fewer than 3 Blimpies. 

Anyhow, bye bye to the place and the all the lovely ghosts that stomp through the hallway each day.

UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS BOOK : Matador Records, 304 Hudson Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10013

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  1. hey, i’m totally stopping by the next time i’m in town. alert security or order beers or whatever you deem necessary.

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