Attn : Aspiring T-Shirt Designers


(illustration by Mogollon)

Dear Friends,To commemorate Matador's barely legal status (ie. we're celebrating our 18th this year), we're commissioning a series of t-shirts. Though the garments are meant to be vaguely label/logo insipired, but we're hoping for something a bit more inspired that our previous designs (though that said, the Matador "that's italian" shirt still goes for crazy loot on eBay).

The shirts will be printed in a limited run of 200 per design, with each designer receiving $250.00 (USD) plus 20 shirts to be peddled or given away as he or she sees fit.  In turn, Matador will flog the remaining shirts for a sum  to-be-determined, but it'll probably be on the pricey side of things. 

The selected designs will be available for viewing on the Matador site & blog for advance purchase, though they'll also be available from select retailers.  We'll provide links to the individual designers' websites, too.

Knock yourselves out. Thank You. 

10 thoughts on “Attn : Aspiring T-Shirt Designers”

  1. additional specs and info:

    1, 2, or 3 color designs;
    mac based illustrator, quark or indesign;
    the word “Matador” must be incorporated into the design;
    the matador logo need not be a part of the design;
    specify your idea as to the shirt fabric color along with your design;
    email a zipped file to, [email protected];
    there is no deadline.

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