My SXSW Roundup :

Here are my SXSW picks:


(photo by Kathryn Yu, used without permission, taken from The Rich Girls Are Weeping)

1. Shearwater playing at the Central Presbyterian Church. With a Steinway concert grand, the audience in pews, and acoustics to die for ("the best sound I've heard at a rock show in years," said an industry veteran to my right). Some audience members were crying. This was one for the ages.


2. In total contrast, Jay Reatard at the Victory Grill. Jay had been up for 3 days straight and was angry. The oversized bassist in the faded Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt was angry too. They were hurling nearly full cans of bud into the audience, directly at moshers' faces. The sound was perfect. The experience was genuine. Actual punk rock like I have rarely seen since the mid-'80s.

The other shows are in no particular order:

The Ponys – Emo's, afternoon show

(TNV at Sound On Sound, Saturday afternoon, phone cam pic by Gerard)

Times New Viking – Exodus, Friday night
Clockcleaner – Exodus, Friday night
Some Montreal punk band, Long Branch Inn, early Friday evening

Sorry for the Matador-centric picks… inevitable when your bands are playing 17 gigs in 4 days, you spend a lot of time seeing them! But of course it helps that they're all great, too.

2 thoughts on “My SXSW Roundup :”

  1. are you guys signing jay reatard or what?

    and more patrick matablog posts. perhaps a jura wine primer!

  2. believe it or not, sometimes we just buy records and go to shows for fun. And I know you didn’t mean it that way, but it isn’t like every artist on earth is just dying for us to co-opt their shit after another label has done all the hard work.

    Just half of ’em.

    in all seriousness, there’s a lot of stuff we’re crazy about, but we’re honestly not on a 24/7 mission to snap up new or old talent.

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