Love Of Diagrams seem to have brought the spring with them, despite the fact that they arrived in London after a bitterly cold few days in New York.  The sun was shining for their recent press trip and couple of London shows.  The sun is still shining but who knows for how long.  Love of Diagrams are still here but we do know for how long.  They play again in Huddersfield at Club NME on March 20, On Paris on March 23 at La Fleche D’Or, and Nottingham’s Stealth Club on the 24th.  Then they head back to the States for 30 dates with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.  

The intrepid antipodeans arrived in London having had very little sleep during their pre-album US jaunt so went eagerly to bed in the (not-so) lavish Beggars flat, which is decked out with signed Rolling Stones posters, Bauhaus picture disks, a dubious horror DVD collection and bunk beds.  In the middle of the night a mighty thump was heard.  Watching too many scary movies again kids?  Well, erm, no.  It was the sound of vocalist/bassist Antonia falling from the top bunk and landing on her arm during an episode of attempted sleepwalking.

Despite having a sore wrist, Antonia still managed to be able to move her fingers deftly enough to deliver a blinding set at new trendy London club Chalk at The Scala on Saturday March 10th.  The audience was duly impressed by the trio’s tight set and brayed for more once it was over.  It was also my first time seeing the band and the thing that struck me was how ‘punk’ they sounded.  The great songs on the records sound even more intense and blistering live, and so catchy!  I’ve spent the last week with ‘Double’ and ‘Pace Or the Patience’ lodged in my brain… hummm hummm hum hum…

Slightly shaken and disturbed after seeing the new David Lynch flick “Inland Empire”, Love Of Diagrams hit the stage at The Hoxton Bar And Grill on Monday with another rip-roaring set.  A room filled with loyal fans and a few Australians were delighted to have LOD all to themselves, although a few technical hitches cut the set short and my friend nearly yelled himself hoarse trying to get them to return to play “No Way Out.”  Ah well.  There’s always tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and went but not before Love Of Diagrams played the third gig of the week to complete the triangle of shows (if we’re speaking diagrammatically) at Artrocker at the Buffalo Bar.  A packed room provided the most appreciative audience so far.  I stood by the speaker so it sounded very LOUD, in a GOOD way.  They played another brilliant set, the crowd went wild and again left us wanting more.  Can’t wait to see them again.  Hopefully they’ll be back A LOT.