Lavender Diamond – Inna World Premiere Style


Lavender Diamond – "Open Your Heart" (stream), from the forthcoming CD/LP 'Imagine Our Love' (in stores, May 8, 2007)

(NOTE : We've taken down the MP3 of "Open Your Heart" and now opted for a quicktime stream of the song at the request of Lavender Diamond's UK label, Rough Trade.  We apologize for any inconvenience…and we're looking forward to charging you real money for the physical goods!)

6 thoughts on “Lavender Diamond – Inna World Premiere Style”

  1. awesome. I love this band and really am looking forward to the full-length.
    Somehow, it reminds me (musically, not vocal-wise) about a great swedish band
    called blood music and sometimes (vocal-wise, not musically) joanna newsom.
    But the comparisons are not doing this justice. One of the great albums of 2007? I think so.

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