How Soon ‘Til The Debut Of Mofungo Jeans?

Mark Ohe claims that Urban Outfitter is selling the following item :





I do hope this isn't a hoax (much as I wish the City Of Boston would actually learn how to define "hoax"). 

2 thoughts on “How Soon ‘Til The Debut Of Mofungo Jeans?”

  1. oh don’t worry, im sure UO has got their team working on it ever since this post popped up in the RSS feed. i can only hope they don’t lift anything from “end of the world, part two”. :/

  2. goddamnit– if you didn’t credit Mark i mighta almost fell for it… if Ricky actually knew someone to make those, they could set up a table somewhere & …

    that said, if Mark’s rockin’ the silkscreen, i’ll take ten– 4 medium, 6 large.


    ted twist jr

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