Everyone around me hates my horrible, impulsive renditions of “Pace or the Patience”


When I use the term "post-punk", you know what I mean, and I therefore apologize for being too lazy to come up with a more accurate tag, but maybe one simply does not exist….for all the right reasons. The easy-on-the-peepers Love of Diagrams have opened their EP with a song that's like having sex on a camping trip: Fucking In Tents!! That one only works verbally….at an odd hour. Drunk. They pulled the old Bob Welch "Ebony Eyes" trick on this one: Seven or eight big hooks in one song that could have easily been utilized to make seven or eight good songs. Why did I mention the usage of the neutered genre classification of post-punk? Because I have listened to this song the exact number of times that I've listened to my other favorite first-wave example, Nightingales' "Idiot Strength." And by "exact number", I mean 782 times within the past two weeks. And though residing on what feels like the other side of the Earth from Athens, GA, I must, as a Southerner, give it up for the Pylon cover.