7 thoughts on “The Youth Culture Event Of The Season”

  1. wait… joey lawrence gets a slot at this fantasy event, but not jennifer love hewitt? where’s the justice, man?

    ps i paid american dollars to see the spin doctors in 1992. i was in college. i still have the t-shirt.

  2. Is that really your Youth Culture Event of the Season???

    I tell you what is mine: Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona (Spain).

  3. dude! primavera sound???? hello! it’s 2007. Modest Mouse, Death Vessel…. LOW for christ sakes. yawn.

    but Paula Abdulf featuring MC Scat Cat, Crash Test Dummies AND Crazy Town all in the same weekend???? That’s some finger on the pulse shit right there.

    I’ll give you the melvins at Primavera…but Coachella has Ugly Kid Joe, just as heavy.

  4. How come the reunion of Abdul and MC Scat Cat is low on the bill?
    And everyone knows that Joe Esposito is the best. Around. And nothin’s gonna ever keep him down.

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